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"Dancing Pineapples” mural, Pineapple Grove, Delray Beach ©2008 Anita Lovitt

Artist, Designer and Teacher

About Me

I began my professional career as an artist for Hallmark in Kansas City. I moved to New York City and studied with Milton Glaser while working as a freelance illustrator. I also coordinated graphic design for The New York Shakepeare Festival's seven stages.

In 2001, Delray Beach became my new home, and I began to concentrate on watercolor painting. I won a commission to create the iconic and much-loved “Dancing Pineapples” mural in Delray Beach which has become identified with the town and is a selfie mecca. It led to my appointment to The Public Art Advisory Board of Delray Beach, for which I conceived and designed the "ArtFans" project. This promotes the Art Board and public artists by giving out art fans at large public events which reach a lot of people. They generate goodwill by providing attendees with a cooling souvenir on hot days. Most recently they were given out at the Delray Tennis Open and the Delray Affair.

Since COVID, I have been teaching watercolor painting on ZOOM. I enjoy meeting people from all over! The repetition and variation of the ZOOM screen is like a live quilt.

My Vision

I enjoy creating works, large and small, that have impact and simplicity. Less is more. If they operate on a number of levels, that is where the complexity is. 

Please contact me about classes and work for sale. I would love to hear from you!

“Ms. Lovitt’s artwork demonstrates an extraordinary and wide ranging understanding of graphic design and painting. She possesses a unique personal vision and demonstrates it with skill and intelligence.” —Milton Glaser

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