Anita's Upcoming Class Schedule

Weekly Ongoing Classes 

ADVANCED BEGINNER:  Wednesdays 1-4 EDT $40

If you have light or no experience but a desire to learn to paint on Wednesday afternoons with a supportive group of painters, this is the class for you. Every student gets personal attention and a group experience of sharing and learning how to give positive critiques. Every week we explore a different aspect of watercolor painting, but the classes are not consecutive; you can join at any time. 


INTERMEDIATE:  Thursdays 1-4  EDT  $40

For those with some or a good deal of painting experience, who are open to learning and trying new things and want to develop their own personal style, and who enjoy a supportive group painting experience, this highly interactive class is challenging and fun. 

To sign up, please contact Anita Lovitt at and arrange payment in advance. You may use Zelle or send a check.

Upcoming Workshop with Palm Beach Watercolor Society!


Workshop with Anita Lovitt and the Palm Beach Watercolor Society

Saturday, October 16, 2020 10:30 am-3:30 pm

Cost:    $110 member, $125 non-member


Hands and feet are some of the most expressive parts of the human body, yet many life drawing attendees are stumped by them. Spend a few hours looking closely at these parts and learn strategies to indicate and to draw them with confidence. In the morning session, we will study examples from master artists and then look at ways to simplify the forms and gestures of hands. We will do the same for feet in the afternoon. My teaching segments will alternate with students’ time drawing from photographs in 2, 5, and 20 minute sessions, much as in a life drawing class. This workshop will be taught on Zoom and recorded in case you can’t make it live. After focussing on hands and feet for an afternoon, you will approach drawing them with more curiosity and enjoyment.


10:30AM-1:00 PM             Hands

1:00-1:30 PM                      Break

1:30PM-3:30 PM                Feet

Materials list will be sent out to students upon registration. Basically, it is whatever materials you prefer for figure drawing. You will be drawing some figures, not just hands. I like to use the following:


  • 2 or three 6B pencils or line and wash pencils

  • White or kneaded eraser

  • Smooth white drawing paper in a pad or sketchbook, whatever size you feel you would use for figure drawing. You may use newsprint and charcoal if you prefer. If you are using a sketchbook, it should be at least 9” x 12.”


The workshop will be available as a recording. 


To register, or for more info, please contact

Adrienne Walker at 516-885-4199

To register with Venmo: use adrienne-walker-32

Paypal: use

Zelle: use

Credit card: call Adrienne 516-885-4199


Please put your information as follows when you register:

Name of Workshop:

Your name

Phone #


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"People tell me that you are an excellent teacher"— Adrienne Walker, President, Palm Beach Watercolor Society


“One look at my work today and you can see a working process that employs a series of techniques that I could not have imagined before Anita’s teaching. Still “my” style, just better!" 

— Linda H.


“Anita Lovitt has helped me to understand the mysteries of watercolor painting. Her warmth and caring comes through her presentations.”

— Helen W.


“I could go on and on about how Anita has helped me become a better painter. She is very patient, encouraging and supportive and gives us critiques of our work in a nonjudgmental way. I have had other teachers but Anita is the BEST.”— Carol H.


“I love Anita’s classes because of the variety of subjects and painting style challenges that she incorporates. Because she is flexible in presenting each lesson, it doesn’t matter how much painting experience you have. In addition, Anita’s positive teaching and coaching style creates a welcoming community of artists in which the work of all participants is appreciated.” 

— Mary M.